Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Is he trying to lose?

UPDATE: 10/29/04: I am very surprised that I have not seen the story I refer to below on Catholic blogs or the Catholic internet news sources that I have seen. One exception is getreligion which does mention Bush's new approval of civil unions for homosexuals.

Is Bush purposely trying to alienate his base? See , this story from Fox News.

My belief is once again confirmed that the Republican Party in general and George Bush in particular have no true understanding of the problems facing America, or they are just politicians who must find some issues which will pick up a few votes and will differentiate them from the politicians in the other party. In either case, they are not "true believers" of anything but of getting reelected. And of course we Catholic and Christian conservatives try to oblige them instead of refusing to be played for fools again and again.

On the other hand, most liberal Democrats are "true believers". When Republicans control Congress, they never accomplish much and seem to be ineffectual - they don't have hard beliefs. Democrats win the propaganda wars and the issues in the long term - because they do have an agenda they are committed to, that they believe.

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